Kay Bailey

Aspiring Writer,
Photographer, and Letterer

About Me

About me? Excellent! New job orientation and introductions are in order. All the generic questions of course: what’s your name, where you from, and tell us something about yourself. We can start here. I’ll give my usual answers. My name is Savannah, I'm from Hawaii, and I'm a mother of 4. Introductions are so nerve-racking. Ok so the 4 kids. I know right. We can talk about my 7 person household later down the blog. Doing the math? 2 adults 4 kids 7? Stick around its about to get real fun.
I’m a recovering charge nurse. No, but really I’m in recovery. Doctor endorsed months leave. Struggling hand letterer, writer, and photographer here, hi. I managed to convince myself that I am no good at all three, mastered self sabotage, yet here we are. An art enthusiast afraid of her own craft. What is that!? I am naturally anxious and situationally depressed. For now. Amongst the hard days I love to laugh and have fun. Determined to document the journey. I’m here to find my big magic.
I have stories. The delivery may be amateur at first, bear with me, it’s worth it.


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