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No method. Just madness.

A couple ring leaders managing this circus we created, willingly.

My family. They are my essence. In time you will see that. For the sake of “keeping it real” I will start with... this shits hard. We use to call it organized chaos. Oh no, we’ve leveled up for sure. Chaos. There is no organized. There is no clean. What’s a full fridge? What’s alone time? Ask where my slippers are, I couldn’t tell you. Yet there are shoes everywhere.

Mini van who? That’s been fun. They, we, me are always hungry. I hide snacks. Come for me. 

Just a preface to the madness. Manny and I met in 2006. I had a son; he had a daughter and a son from previous relationships. Our youngest came a little over 3 years later. The kids are now 20, 15, 15, 10. We’ve found ourselves in some uncharted seas with a young adult and 2 teenage boys. Whole different ball game. But damn its fun. Every night I go to sleep thinking these kids are trying to ruin me, or was is vice versa? I think we alternate driving each other crazy but the love, insurmountable. The dynamic here is confusingly interesting. 3 of our 4 kids use to jump between their other parent and us. Currently our oldest and the baby, who is not a baby anymore, are full time with us. The women are out numbered by the boys 5 to 2. The oldest is our daughter the rest of the circus is boys.

Now where does that 7th person come in. The boyfriend has become #7. They just moved back from living together in New York. Love the kid.

These kids have very unique personalities. I hope to bring them to life here. Just know, they are the best time of our lives. We laugh a lot. We argue; than laugh at our arguments.  It gets wild around here and I f**king love it. 

Manny. King of my heart. He is hilarious and ridiculous. We love to passionately argue over anything. You’ll fall in love with us, you’ll fall in love with him. We are a mess. Us is my favorite story to tell. We aren’t all roses and sunshine, that is what makes our story beautiful.

This was written a few months ago. I fell off the blog wagon for the thousandth time. Many things have happened since. We now face new challenges as parents. Crossing uncharted seas. I loved so much what I wrote I decided to run with it, regardless the circumstances. The family picture has been warped a bit but for me it still holds the same.

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