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Self Talk

Spent a few hours coming up with excuses for this blog. To inform? Forewarn? I’m treating this blog like a business when it’s not a business, it’s an outlet. My rules, thoughts, opinions, and reflections... my story. I act as though I’m being judged and the blog has yet to go live.

I want to write how I write, scream my mind, speak my peace, tell the world what I see...

I care entirely too much of others opinions. What I write must sound educated and captivating. The world must love me. Blah blah. Motivational killer.

I am slowly navigating through the world of a writer. I can write I just need a space to practice. Where better than here. Where I can both speak my truths and sharpen my skill and knowledge as a writer.

I’ve mentioned it numerous times. My thoughts don’t stop. From the moment I wake till the moment I close my eyes. They really run ramped. I sometimes think thats why I sleep relatively well. My hopes are that this blog will spark the motivation to catch the thoughts I feel the world needs to hear. To pay more attention to them. To give them more weight. Too long I’ve let them come and go. Speak! You are dying too.

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